Work Personality Test

32  questions
15 minutes.
No time limit

Measure your personality type to reveal your behavioral preferences and strongest and weakest traits.

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Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

Part of a series of tests that match you to suitable careers.

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Why take this test?

Taking the Work Personality Test will help you understand exactly how you prefer to work so that you can locate a career that’s suited to your personal style and character. Finding a career that aligns well with your personality will lead to improved job satisfaction and productivity.

Reveal your work personality trait scores

Gain an understanding of your preferred work style

Identify any areas to improve in and focus on

Ensure you’re pursuing a job or course that fits your style

About the test

The Work Personality Test is made up of 290 statements that describe various thoughts, behaviors, feelings and attitudes related to the world of work. You’ll be asked to rank the statements, presented in fives, according to their relevance to you. At the end of the test, your results will be compared against 29 different traits.

The test can be taken for free, but to gain access to your full results and your downloadable report, access must be purchased. The results from this test contribute to your final career matches on CareerHunter, if you choose to proceed to purchase full access

Good to know

Be honest

Try to answer questions as faithfully to your personality as possible. Avoid answering questions based on what you think you have to answer.

Don’t stress

Try to remain calm when completing the test. Stress can lead to indecisiveness and carelessness, as well as cause you to become over-invested.

Don’t worry about failing

There are no right or wrong answers. When taking the test, just think about your personal work values and your preferences.

Be consistent

These types of tests deliberately ask similar questions more than once, though phrased slightly differently. Try to answer them consistently.

Test sample

Below is an example of the test window and the type of questions that will come up in the Work Personality Test.

Work Personality Test


Arrange the following statements according to their importance to you.

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