Numerical Reasoning Test

30  questions
30 minutes.
Timed test

Assess your numerical ability of dealing with numbers, charts, and mathematical data, quickly and accurately.

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Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

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Why take this test?

Taking the Numerical Reasoning Test helps you to assess your aptitude of working with numbers, charts and graphs. Understanding the extent of your numerical reasoning skills can then help you choose careers that you’ll thrive in.

Understand how well you can interpret mathematical data

Assess your general numerical ability and current level

Prepare for an upcoming pre-employment test

Determine if you have the skills needed for data-oriented roles

About the test

The Numerical Reasoning Test comprises 30 questions, each one accompanied by a statistical table, graph or data set. Your task is to choose the correct answer from a number of possible options. Once you complete the test, your results will be analyzed to identify how strong your numerical skills are.

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Good to know

Manage your time

If you’re stuck, just move on to the next question and come back to it later. Remember: the test is timed, so try to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

Practice with number puzzles

Do number puzzles, like Sudoku, in newspapers or magazines, or download an app. This will effectively help you enhance your number skills.

Don’t make assumptions

The answers to the test questions are in the accompanying tables or graphs. Anything else you learned that might seem relevant should be ignored.

Make notes

Keep a notepad or scrap paper beside you and make notes of facts you think are important. This will help you work out your answers.

Test sample

Below is an example of the type of question that will come up in the Numerical Reasoning Test.

Test sample

Below is an example of the type of question that will come up in the Numerical Reasoning Test.

Numerical Reasoning


Employee Engagement


Compensation & Benefits

Work Life Balance

Learning & Development


Career Opportunities

Satisfied Unsatisfied
34% 48%
23% 39%
57% 18%
56% 37%
59% 23%
Satisfied Unsatisfied
52% 33%
32% 23%
21% 19%
54% 32%
37% 28%
Satisfied Unsatisfied
54% 36%
30% 48%
30% 47%
52% 40%
31% 28%

Survey Respondents by Company (in hundreds)

Pie Chart
Which criterion has the largest difference between satisfied and unsatisfied employees at Company A?

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Careers for the numerically inclined

Explore careers which require a high level of math and data interpretation ability.

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How well can you interpret data?

Take the test to see how strong your number skills are and explore careers that suit your abilities.