How do your abstract reasoning skills measure up?

Assess your ability to quickly identify the underlying logic of a pattern and then determine the solution.

About the test

The Abstract Reasoning Test is made up of 20 questions. Each question presents a series of shapes that follow a logical sequence with one shape missing. You’ll have 10 minutes to choose the shapes that correctly complete each series from a number of alternatives.

Why take this test?

Taking the Abstract Reasoning Test examines your strategic thinking and your ability to evaluate new concepts. Knowing how strong your abstract reasoning skills are can then help you understand how fit you are for a job that requires critical thinking and logical decision-making, such as within IT, medicine and science.

Good to know


Try answering abstract problems in newspapers and magazines or doing logic puzzles. This will enhance your ability to spot patterns.

Establish a pattern

Look out for the number of shapes in a sequence, their position, rotation and colour, as well as things like the number of sides of a shape.

Manage your time

This is a timed test, so if you’re stuck, simply move on to the next question and go back to the ones you skipped when you have time to spare.

Look out for distractors

Some sequences feature shapes and colours which are completely irrelevant and intended to distract you. Try to identify these and ignore them.

Test sample

Below is an example of the type of question that will come up in the Abstract Reasoning Test

Test sample

Below is an example of the type of question that will come up in the Abstract Reasoning Test.

Abstract Reasoning Test



Which of the following images completes the sequence?


Which jobs require abstract reasoning skills?

Take the Abstract Reasoning Test to assess your strategic thinking abilities and how those skills match up to 250+ occupational professions.