How it works

Learn how we match you to the perfect career.

The science behind our tests

Each of CareerHunter’s six tests were professionally developed by a team of experienced psychologists, psychometricians and career experts, using scientific sampling protocols and methodologies.

Our innovative and proprietary technology has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing, and our tests and their output are continually monitored for accuracy to provide users with reliable insights.

The process

Complete the six assessments

CareerHunter is made up of a series of tests which examine different areas of your personal profile, specifically your interests, personality, motivations, and abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning skills.

Each test is taken separately, and you can see personalized results as you complete each one, but you’ll need to complete all six tests to generate your career, course and job matches.

A user taking one of our six psychometric career tests
The algorithm working on processing the users tests to provide them with their perfect career results

Our algorithm processes your results

Using our unrivaled and ever-evolving algorithm, our advanced technology compiles and analyzes all your aptitude, interest, personality and motivator results to match your scores against the specific attributes and requirements of each career profile in our database.


Your career matches are revealed

You’ll then get accurate career matches that are uniquely suited to your combination of test results. We match you to relevant and popular careers that best fit your interests, personality, motivations and skills.

Each match is accompanied by a percentage score, explaining how you match, and you can explore each match further with our detailed career profiles.

User discovering their new found career after completing our tests
Take our recommended courses to start working towards a new career

View course and job suggestions

You’ll also receive relevant course and job recommendations based on your career matches and test scores.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading online learning platforms, like Coursera and FutureLearn, to bring you relevant study options, while our jobs come direct from top providers and recruiters.


Get your career report

Your full and personalized career report can be viewed within your dashboard or downloaded as a PDF once you’ve completed all six tests.

The report compiles and details all your career matches, how you match, along with other helpful insights into each career profile.

A happy CareerHunter user downloading their personalized career report
Perfect career wave Perfect career wave

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