The science behind our tests

All the tests on CareerHunter were professionally developed by a team of experienced psychologists, psychometricians and career experts, using scientific sampling protocols and methodologies, and have undergone extensive validity and reliability testing.

The tests are scored by advanced and innovative technology based on our unique algorithm and are continuously developed to improve their accuracy and effectiveness as well as to provide users with a seamless experience.


The process

Complete all six tests

CareerHunter is made up of a series of tests which are designed to examine six different areas of your personal profile, specifically your interests, personality, motivations and abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning skills.

Each test is taken separately, and you can see your results as you complete each one, but you’ll need to complete all six tests to generate your career, course and job matches.

First Step
Second Step

Uncover your career matches

Once you complete all six tests, your individual test results are pooled together to match you to relevant careers that fit your interests, personality, motivations and skills.

Each match is accompanied by a percentage score that tells you which careers are the ones you’re best suited to, and you can explore each match further with our detailed career profiles

Get relevant course and job suggestions

You’ll then receive relevant course and job opportunity recommendations based on your career matches.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading online learning platforms like Udemy and FutureLearn to bring you relevant course recommendations, while our jobs are fed through from our CareerAddict job board.

Third Step
Fourth Step

Download your personalised report

Your personalised report, which can be downloaded as a PDF from your dashboard once you’ve completed all six tests, details your full test results and features information about your top 20 career matches based on your interests, personality, motivations and skills.