Career Interests Test

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15 minutes.
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Discover your areas of interest based on the work activities that you find most interesting and enjoyable.

Part of a series of tests.

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Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

Test price: $15.99

Includes 2 takes

Part of a series of tests that match you to suitable careers.

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Why take this test?

The Career Interests Test will help you identify your areas of interest that closely match the activities you enjoy doing in a job. This will help you make better-informed career decisions and choose a job in which you’ll find the work interesting and enjoyable.

Discover which work activities you enjoy most

Reveal if you have any unrealized passions to pursue

Make an informed decision about your career aspirations

Ensure you’re pursuing a job or course you enjoy

About the test

The test comprises 135 statements that describe various work activities and duties, presented in sets of five. You’ll be asked to rank each set by level of personal preference. At the end of the test, your results will be analyzed to determine your compatibility with CareerHunter’s 27 areas of interest, which include engineering, healthcare and entertainment.

The test can be taken for free, but to gain access to your full results and your downloadable report, access must be purchased. The results from this test contribute to your final career matches on CareerHunter, if you choose to proceed to purchase full access.

Good to know

Think about what you like

Try not to think about how qualified to do the work or how much money you would make doing the work described in the test.

Don’t feel guilty

Try not to guilt-trip yourself into choosing an activity over another based on perceived expectations or what’s “socially acceptable“.

Don’t worry about failing

There are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of the Career Interests Test is to identify your personal interests and how they relate to the world of work.

Keep an open mind

Be open to career directions you never previously considered. It’s very likely that you’re best suited to careers you never thought about

Test sample

Below is an example of the test window and the type of questions that will come up in the Career Interests Test.

Career Interests Test


Rank the activities in order of preference.

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