Job description

QA engineers test software to assess its design and functionality before its official launch. They identify problems and their causes, and assist developers in finding solutions.

The work involves documenting all phases of software development, including detailed bug reports. They help clients and designers determine the technical specifications and processes needed to bring a proposed software idea to functional reality.


    • Install and use software testing programs, design new test plans, scripts and procedures
    • Develop and implement testing protocols for software scenarios, usability and regression tests
    • Document standardised procedures for replicating all testing
    • Create a schedule for testing and other activities based on size of project and launch date
    • Identify software bugs and document location, steps to reproduce, error results and risk level
    • Analyse problems with program functions, screen and content
    • Perform software compatibility tests with hardware, operating systems, networks and other programs
    • Provide input on functional requirements and design needed for new software and app ideas
    • Inform developers of all problems of usability and functionality and suggest solutions
    • Retest all system modifications and repairs
    • Monitor and document all bug resolution attempts and results
    • Identify any deviance from software standards and suggest modifications for compliance
    • Implement user or third-party testing, analyse results
    • Monitor program performance over time to check for efficient and error-free functionality
    • Develop standards and procedures for assessing software quality, design and launch readiness
    • Investigate customer problems referred by technical support for beta and final product releases

Skills and qualities

Program testing software
Project management software
Database management software
Computer engineering
Critical thinking
Reading comprehension
Active listening
Systems analysis
Time management
Attention to detail

Job outlook

Projected growth
The projected growth rate of employment in the US from 2018 to 2028, based on data collected through the BLS Employment Projections (EP) programme. The national average growth rate for all professions is 5%.


New jobs
The number of jobs projected to become available in the US between 2018 and 2028, based on data collected through the BLS Employment Projections (EP) programme.


Automation risk
The probability of computerisation, based on data published in ‘The Future of Employment’, a 2013 working paper by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne.


Career progression

Knowledge and experience are key to progressing in your career as a QA engineer. Success in problem-solving and delivering highly efficient software leads to bigger projects. QA engineers can advance to supervisory roles on more prestigious projects.

You may also transition to a role as software engineer or developer. The knowledge required to analyse software and systems for QA can open doors to many other technical jobs.

Working conditions

Average hours

40h/ week

Typical schedule

Full Time

Standard business hours

QA engineers typically work full time during normal business hours. You may put in some overtime to complete final testing of a product before its official launch. Work in industries like automotive, aeronautics and medical could require testing work outside the usual office environment.

QA engineers spend extensive time sitting at a computer. The sustained focus required and intense detail work under deadline can be stressful for some.


Bottom 10%




Top 10%


Annual salary estimates are based on percentile wage data collected through the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey of US workers.

Qualifications and training

Education level


Bachelor's degree in computer science

Study time

4 years

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, electrical engineering or a related subject. They also typically expect three to five years of experience with software development and testing, though some ask for more.

Knowledge of a variety of programming languages, operating systems and testing programs is essential. Internships while earning your degree are advisable. You can gain additional experience as a tester or other entry-level role in quality assurance.

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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