Job description

Nursery managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a nursery by planning, organising, supervising, controlling and directing horticultural or botany activities related to flowers, mushrooms and trees. A nursery manager will also take a hands-on approach to grow and cultivate plants for sale, display or research.


    • Plant, grow and cultivate plants, mushrooms, trees and other agriculture, botany and horticulture elements
    • Perform manual horticultural tasks, such as applying pesticides and fertiliser, operating equipment and cutting or pruning
    • Inspect crops and plants and examine soil condition where the work is being done
    • Sell products to customers interested in buying goods your land or greenhouse produces
    • Research ways to better grow and maintain plants and sell output to merchants
    • Execute strategies to provide plant care that can make certain they survive and thrive
    • Balance the nursery’s budget and ensure that it comes under budget
    • Hire, fire and manage employees to work in greenhouses
    • Establish solutions to diseases, insect pests and weeds that might damage your crop
    • Monitor facilities and evaluate operational systems to determine potential improvements
    • Assign work schedules and delegate tasks for each employee
    • Complete clerical tasks, like recordkeeping, organising and file storing
    • Direct sales, marketing, customer service and inventory efforts
    • Research, implement and enforce safety regulations and policies

Skills and qualities

Critical thinking

Job outlook

Projected growth
The projected growth rate of employment in the US from 2018 to 2028, based on data collected through the BLS Employment Projections (EP) programme. The national average growth rate for all professions is 5%.


New jobs
The number of jobs projected to become available in the US between 2018 and 2028, based on data collected through the BLS Employment Projections (EP) programme.


Automation risk


Career progression

The environment has become a key focus on the international stage. Whether it is to save the trees or to feed the population, farms, ranches and greenhouses can be sources of career opportunities. This is especially true because older farmers and ranchers are retiring, which could make room for younger workers. The same applies to nursery managers.

Working conditions

Average hours

40h/ week

Typical schedule

Full Time

Standard business hours

A nursery manager typically work a full-time schedule, though there will be plenty of times when you need to come to work on weekends to study crops, come up with resolutions or meet clients, bureaucrats or job applicants. Also, depending on the farm, ranch or greenhouse you work at, the work might be seasonal, which could be difficult to sustain a steady living.

A nursery manager can expect to split their time between the office and the land.


Bottom 10%




Top 10%


Annual salary estimates are based on percentile wage data collected through the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey of US workers.

Qualifications and training

Education level

High school

On-the-job training

Study time

2 years

To become a nursery manager, you will need to possess several years of experience on farms, ranches or greenhouses, so a high school diploma or GED equivalent will suffice. That said, since you’’ be working with numbers, supervising employees and potentially managing large-scale nurseries, it would be prudent to do coursework in various related subjects, such as accounting, business management or environmental sciences.

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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