Job description

An infantry soldier will participate in combat forces on the front lines during a war in the military. The primary duty of the job is to destroy enemy ground forces, defend against enemy attacks or capture opposing soldiers. When the nation is in peacetime, a combat soldier will remain prepared and ready to defend the country at any time. It is considered one of the most physically and psychologically demanding than any other position in the military.


    • Operate weapons, military equipment and other technologies in ground combat missions
    • Fire and maintain a wide array of arms, including hand grenades, machine guns and rifles
    • Assess the need for pulling the trigger on a firearm
    • Locate and construct infantry positions to house equipment during a mission
    • Study the terrain and document topographical information
    • Conduct minesweeping activities on land to ensure the safety of your colleagues
    • Participate in routine reconnaissance operations
    • Place explosives in areas that can achieve the objectives of your operations
    • Maintain contact with the military command centre throughout the field mission
    • Partake in continuing education courses offered by the military
    • Improve your skills by participating in war games without live ammunition

Skills and qualities

Physical condition
Attention to detail
Critical thinking

Job outlook

Projected growth
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Automation risk
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Career progression

Many infantry soldiers do climb through the ranks in the air, ground or naval forces. Depending on your skillset and resume of missions, infantry unit members can also expect to rise to leadership roles. Moreover, infantry servicemen and women could be designated certain technical positions based on their education, which can play an important part in their time in the military.

Working conditions

Average hours

50h/ week

Typical schedule

Full Time

On a rota

The hours of an infantry soldier will depend on missions, the state of the country, and if there is a war or not. During a war, an infantry service member can expect to work way beyond 50 hours per week as he or she fights in the trenches overseas. During peacetime, infantry soldiers are still required to partake in war games, maintain a strong physical condition and ensure they prepared for battle.

You can anticipate a full-time schedule, but it could be greater or average depending on circumstances.


Bottom 10%




Top 10%


Annual salary estimates are based on data published on the Today's Military website.

Qualifications and training

Education level

High school


Study time


To enlist in the military and to become an infantry soldier, you only need a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Outside of that, once you enrol in the armed forces, you will be sent to a military training academy that can last up to 12 weeks, in addition to the constant stream of other training you will be forced to do. War games are a huge part of a soldier’s regimen since this consists of soldiers practising troop movement, capturing methods and scouting.

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