Job description

An acquisitions manager is a professional who searches, organises, negotiates and completes purchases or takeovers of a company by their employer. The position involves finding suitors, analysing deals, determining if a deal suits the mission statement of the buyer, and developing and implementing an acquisitions strategy to ensure the synergies will be successful moving forward.


    • Monitor possible commercial and development opportunities to grow the business
    • Research the marketplace and tap into lucrative positions that could pad the bottom line
    • Establish a synergy programme to make sure there is a long-term value from the acquisition
    • Coordinate with other departments to ensure everyone is on the same page
    • Perform negotiations to get the best terms and conditions for the enterprise
    • Gather and assess all available data and present solutions to complex problems
    • Train and support subordinates who might be new to the process
    • Evaluate the financials and operations of the acquisition target
    • Review post-synergy plans and look for redundancy to ensure efficiency
    • Create a post-merger plan
    • Monitor objectives, advancements, hiccups and anything else related to the acquisition
    • Produce a stellar communication network during the acquisition and after its completion
    • Maintain close contact with executives in your company and the business it will purchase
    • Participate in off-the-record agreements regarding the intricacies of the company

Skills and qualities

Time management
Attention to detail

Job outlook

Projected growth
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New jobs
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Automation risk
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Career progression

At first, you will begin by doing the legwork, compiling data and writing reports, before taking on additional responsibilities that can include project management, financial valuation and employee supervision. The more transactions you participate in, and the more successful they turn out to be, the more you will advance and grow in your position. Eventually, you will be able to travel and form new relationships with some of the smartest people in the room and the most well-known individuals.

Working conditions

Average hours

50h/ week

Typical schedule

Full Time

Nights, weekends, holidays occasionally

Most acquisition managers will typically work long hours when meeting deadlines throughout the merger and acquisition process. In addition to the standard Monday-Friday, 9am–5pm schedule, acquisitions managers will often work nights and weekends and the occasional holiday, if the transaction is running behind.

Frequent travel is to be expected, while the work can be physically and mentally taxing.


Bottom 10%




Top 10%


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Qualifications and training

Education level


Bachelor’s in business or related field

Study time

4 years

To become an acquisitions manager, you must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or finance at an accredited college or university. Because this is a competitive field, firms will often give preference to job applicants who hold an MBA or a master’s degree in finance, or some other type of advanced degree.


Last Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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