What makes us unique

  • Accurate career matches

    CareerHunter accurately matches you to our complete database of popular and emerging careers, which you can explore and read about any profiles you want to pursue and consider.

  • Sophisticated algorithm

    Our tests are scored by advanced and innovative technology based on our sophisticated and continuously evolving algorithm, designed to analyse the results of each test in real time and generate suitable matches.

  • Built by experts

    The entire CareerHunter testing platform was developed by a team of psychologists, psychometricians, career experts and researchers with years of experience in their relevant fields.

  • Scientifically validated

    Each of our six assessments has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by qualified psychologists and psychoanalysts to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the entire platform.

  • Personalised analysis

    Download your very own personalised Career Report detailing your 20 highest-scoring career matches from your dashboard, as well as your overall performance throughout the assessment.

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How it works

The magic and science behind the CareerHunter platform


Complete the six tests

The CareerHunter platform is designed to profile your psychological makeup across six core testing areas.


We work our algorithm

We compile and analyse your test results against 77 dimensions providing you with real-time insights.


Matches are generated

Finally, we use our analysis of your results to generate accurate career matches and your personalised report.

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Explore our tests

Career Interests

Explore what work activities interest you the most and your compatibility with 27 areas of interest.

Work Personality

Assess your personality type against 29 different traits, and discover how you prefer to work.

Career Motivators

Reveal what drives you to do a job and your intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors.

Abstract Reasoning

Assess your ability to quickly identify the underlying logic of a pattern and then determine the solution.

Numerical Reasoning

Discover whether you’d be a good fit for roles that involve working with numbers and data.

Verbal Reasoning

Measure your ability to interpret and logically evaluate written information, and effectively communicate.

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School leavers

School leavers

Take our tests to find the right course of study and appropriate career path.

University and college students

Students and Graduates

CareerHunter will help you decide what to do after your student years.



Reveal better career options that match your abilities and interests.



Identify careers that suit your current skillset, traits, and work preferences.

Career changers

Career changers

Our unique algorithm will help you to decide on a different path that you’ll enjoy.



Ensure your next job sets you on the right journey by making a calculated decision.

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