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  • Smart and accurate career matching

    CareerHunter evaluates your test answers to accurately match you to the careers you’re best suited to according to your unique interests, personality type, motivations and strengths.

  • Built by experts and scientifically validated

    Our tests were developed by a team of psychometricians, career experts and researchers, and have undergone extensive validity and reliability testing to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the entire platform.

  • Unique and intelligent algorithm

    We score test-takers using an advanced and innovative technology based on our continuously evolving algorithm, designed to analyze the results of each test in real time to generate personalized results.

  • Database of 250+ popular professions

    Explore our database of popular and emerging professions across all major industries, and read up on the ones that you want to pursue with our detailed and insightful career profiles.

  • Personalized insights and reporting

    Get detailed insights into your results as you complete each test — including your scores, what they mean and how they can impact your future career — plus access your full career report that compiles all your matches.

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have trusted us to find their ideal career

have trusted us to find their ideal career

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The magic and science


Complete our 6 psychometric tests

Analyze your psychological makeup across our six core testing areas and gain valuable career insights.


Our algorithm processes all your scores

CareerHunter then compiles all results to match your scores against the specific attributes and requirements of each career profile in our database.


Your career matches are generated!

You’ll then get accurate career matches that are uniquely suited to your combination of test results, plus your job and course suggestions.

Our self-assessments

Uniquely crafted to deliver actionable reporting

Career Interests

Uncover the work activities that you enjoy the most.

Work Personality

Assess your personality type and work preferences.

Career Motivators

Reveal what motivates you to work and succeed.

Abstract Reasoning

Assess your lateral thinking and ability to analyze patterns.

Numerical Reasoning

Discover how well you can decipher data and numbers.

Verbal Reasoning

Measure your ability to interpret written information.

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Help for all career levels

250+ popular and emerging careers

Whether you’re a recent graduate, considering changing careers or looking for the perfect job for you, CareerHunter will help you find a career that you’ll love and succeed in.

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Study choices eased

Personalized course recommendations

We’ve partnered with top course providers, such as Coursera and FutureLearn, to bring you popular study options based on your test results so you can start your education on the right foot.

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